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Barter Exchange: How History Repeats Itself in the New Economic Age

May 15th, 2012 · No Comments · Barter Blog

Become A Barter Trader Today!The conquering armies of Genghis Khan were the first to spread the idea of paper money, an ideal way to facilitate the trade of the silk and other goods across an ever expanding empire. Money has been around a long time, but it’s not the beginning nor end of exchange. To get to the roots of economics, you really have to go back to the barter system, which has been in place since the first cave man traded his berries for a hunk of wooly mammoth. The good news for businesses short on cash is that the barter system has come back in the form of the barter exchange network. Companies with surplus goods and services are realizing they can easily utilize their excess to get what they need, and not even have to spend a single dollar to do so.

Barter systems take a simple yet revolutionary approach to the exchange of goods. You exchange your products or services into a comprehensive exchange network of other goods and services, receiving barter dollars that can then be exchanged for other goods and/or services. That way you can trade your goods for other services, even if your surplus is not directly needed by the supplier of your services. You make optimal use of surplus while fulfilling your own needs. Essentially, that is economics at its very best.

A barter exchange network is not a pipe dream or Internet scam. It’s a valid system for the exchange of goods and services that makes sense in our current economic times. Genghis Khan invented paper money to simply make the trade of services and goods that much easier, as did those who have developed the barter exchange. It’s a creative approach to economics, one in which  business owners everywhere use to increase their bottom line and continue to thrive in business.

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