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Innovation in Barter Exchange

September 11th, 2012 · No Comments · Barter Blog, Barter News

Building a business takes creativity and one of the ripest markets for ingenuity is the barter exchange business. Ironically, it borrows from old trading systems that go back long before Genghis Khan popularized the spread of paper money. Luckily, the modern barter system has made advancements from the days of yore, so you get the best of both worlds. You can obtain virtually anything you need through trading your own surplus goods, but realize you are no longer limited to direct trades. In a barter exchange network, you trade for barter credit (often referred to as trade dollars) that works like virtual cash, making it much easier to trade your surplus for your specific needs. There is no longer the need to find someone who needs exactly what you have, and offers exactly what you are seeking.

Let’s say you’re in the market for a new motorcycle, but you have an untapped acre or two in West Virginia your family owns but you’ve never been to.You could try putting out a sign “Will Trade Forest for a Harley,” but your neighbors will think your crazy and they’re probably right. A more reasonable choice, however, would accomplish pretty much the same thing. Place the land for sale through a barter exchange network, sell the property to earn barter credits, and turn those dollars into a motorcycle. The exchange network offers the best of both worlds – goods in exchange for trade, but through a wide network so the trade doesn’t need to be direct.

Meeting your needs without the use of cash is real ingenuity. You not only rid yourself of surplus, but you’re able to purchase other goods and services at your cash cost of goods. The barter exchange empowers business owners to meet their needs outside of the traditional economic system. It’s a creative approach to an old trading technique. Get started with barter today.

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