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The Barter Exchange as the Basis of Economics

May 10th, 2012 · No Comments · Barter Blog

Economics are remaking themselves everyday. No, the current recession isn’t an end to the modern economy, but it is a chance to get back to basics – the barter economy. Bartering is the oldest form of economics, the only way to effectively trade goods before the use of cash. And in this cash-strapped world, it’s making a come back in the form of the organized barter exchange business network. Bartering is a way that businesses can continue to conduct business and make a profit, and does so without the use of cash.

The Barter Economy

The Barter Economy

A barter exchange allows companies to trade goods and services without dipping into their budgets. You can trade anything you like, whether surplus goods, services or other commodities. You can even trade haircuts, landscaping services, plumbing, copy machines, dental care and more. The barter exchange allows you to trade your goods and services in exchange with those who might not necessarily need those services. You trade for barter dollars, which means you can exchange them for anything you want or need, and simply pay with your own surplus to compliment the deal.

Not only does barter allow you to utilize surplus instead of cash reserves, but you actually get better trade for the dollar. When barter trades are transacted, you profit based on your cost of goods. So, if your cost of goods amounts to 50 cents on the dollar – for every 50 cents of goods you sell in to a trade exchange network, you get a dollar of value in return. Bartering brings us back to the basics of economics, allowing any commodity to carry its own value which at times works out even better than a discounted cash deal.

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